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The law in the UK on cohabitating is varied and wide, for example it was actually altered in Scotland just back in 2006. With cohabitation becoming more popular the change in law especially covered cohabitation agreements. These are agreements for a couple living together as cohabiting couples and are getting more and more popular, cohabitation agreements can cover many things and in particular sorting things like household goods, furniture and anything else which they acquire during that time and which they use in their shared family home, are presumed to belong to both of them as well as cars and property. This in turn has made cohabitation agreements more popular today than they ever were.




Living together before marriage is very popular which is why more than ever cohabitation agreements are very popular. The law stats that any money that is saved from housekeeping, or if a property or household goods are bought from housekeeping money, regardless of who actually provided the money or provided most of the money, cohabitants have an equal right to share in that money or anything that was purchased with it. Which is why you should really think about cohabitation agreements and should put one in place. If the relationship was to break down, at anytime in the future, without a cohabitation agreement any co habitant can now make a claim against the other especially within a year of splitting up and if they feel that they have been financially disadvantaged as a result of the relationship breaking up. Legally Family law also enables a cohabitant to be able to claim a share of their partner’s estate and assets if the relationship comes to an end or in the event of their death – this type of claim can only be made if their co-habiting partner did not make a will.

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Anyone, no matter the circumstances now or what they can be in the future, who are cohabiting, needs to seriously think about a cohabitation agreement. If you feel that your relationship can benefit from having cohabitation agreements put in place or if you are in a situation where you need legal family law advice, you may be separated or have just split up already from a partner who you were cohabitating with, our Bolton based family law firm are here to help. TGet in touch today and arrange an appointment to see one of our cohabitation agreements solicitors call the phone number above or fill out a contact us form below.